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Global Delivery

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As an amalgamation of onshore and offshore development, Global Delivery Model is a significant method for delivering IT-services and solutions globally. It entails high-quality work, onsite delivery, faster time-to-market, and affordable rates. Techno Brain’s Global Delivery Model helps enterprises achieve a perfect balance of quality, cost savings, and localisation by shipping various components of an IT project to different parts of the world for execution. With 800+ professionals in more than 20 centres, Techno Brain delivers unmatched strategy, technology, product development, and implementation and operations services. The Global Delivery Model is a combination of three major R&D centres (Hyderabad, Nairobi, and Addis Ababa), 13 national level delivery centres who are servicing 8 major global Business Units, and an international Help Desk managed by our BPO unit.

Techno Brain’s Global Delivery Model can be deployed for various sectors, from Governments and NGOs, to Corporate Clients, ensuring a win-win relationship for every association. Since project responsibilities are shared between the onshore and offshore teams, the total operational cost is significantly lower. Global Delivery Model also ensures that applications and business process lifecycle activities and resources are not only distributed, but also integrated. Techno Brain meets the different needs of clients, by delivering next-generation innovations and by generating measurable business value through close and collaborative relationships. The key drivers of our Global Delivery Model include – a global workforce, well-defined and documented processes, quality focus, tools, project management, and risk mitigation.

Techno Brain’s model is driven by deep-industry expertise, as well as a global delivery framework 'accelerate', which ensures consistent, customer-centric systems and processes worldwide. We are also engaged in continuous learning and improvement, to further enhance productivity, precision, and predictability for our clients.

At Techno Brain, the Software Development Lifecycles are selected by a large pool of experienced professionals, considering the projects that have met stipulated timelines and budgets. The various SDLCs that are used and followed include the following:

Waterfall Software Development Lifecycle

A popular model, characterised by a time-ordered list of activities that need to be performed, in order to obtain an IT system. However, it is quite rare that a software project will follow these exact steps. In addition, this project takes a "straight line" path, and unlike prototyping or other methodologies, it does not allow for feedback loops.

Incremental Model

Incremental model is like an iterative Waterfall model, with new iterations adding new functionalities. Typically in this model, the core of the application is built initially and components are added to it periodically. This permits gradual implementation of the system in small instalments and reduces implementation risk.


The V-Model framework is a structured testing approach that can be used with any project management or system development methodology. The framework emphasises quality right from the initial requirements stage through the final testing stage. It focuses on testing throughout the development lifecycle, so that any errors can be detected early on. Each major deliverable in the development process is assessed, verified, validated and tested.

Spiral Model

The Spiral model is a combination of an iterative nature of prototyping, along with the controlled and systematic aspects of the traditional Waterfall model. The Spiral model is similar to the incremental model, with more emphasis placed on risk analysis. This model has four phases - planning, risk analysis, engineering, and evaluation. Various iterations of a software project repeatedly passes through these phases (called spirals in this model). The baseline spiral starts in the planning phase, where requirements are gathered and risk are assessed. Each subsequent spiral builds on the baseline spiral.

Prototype Model

A Prototype is a miniature version of an end product. It is an executable version of an actual product, incorporating key elements of the final version, but it is incomplete in terms of functionality and robustness. Prototyping is an attractive idea for complicated and large systems,where there are no manual processes or existing systems to help determine the requirements. The goal of a Prototype is to provide a system with overall functionality.

Agile (Scrum and XP)

Agile SDLC model is a combination of Iterative and Incremental process models, with focus on process adaptability and customer satisfaction via the rapid delivery of a working software product. Agile methods break the product into small incremental builds. These builds are provided in iterations. Each iteration typically lasts from about one to three weeks. Every iteration involves cross functional teams working simultaneously on various areas like planning, requirements analysis, design, coding, unit testing, and acceptance testing. At the end of the iteration, a working product is displayed to the customer and important stakeholders.

Q-Step or Quality Step, is Techno Brain’s Quality Management System, a transparent and open system to all employees. The system contains all defined processes, procedures, related templates, checklists, and guidelines, for all the activities that are carried out in Techno Brain.

Quality management is an integral part of every step of project management. Embedded quality practices can make a big difference between losing revenues and increasing profitability. The system ensures that quality standards are met so that enterprises experience higher customer satisfaction and quicker time-to-market.


Techno Brain is highly vigilant in enforcing quality standards like ISO, CMMI, and Six Sigma. Techno Brain also maintains proven security systems for data encryption, multiple firewall layers, and disaster recovery strategies.

Technical Expertise

Techno Brain is highly vigilant in enforcing quality standards like ISO, CMMI, and Six Sigma. Techno Brain also maintains proven security systems for data encryption, multiple firewall layers, and disaster recovery strategies.

Our team of professionals specialise in Quality Management System - they continuously analyse our activities and incorporate the best practices from around the globe. Using a standard procedure of documentation, we deliver information across various business domains and ensure that best practices seep into every aspect of our business.

By adopting lessons learned in Knowledge Management, Techno Brain addresses the core needs of a growing organisation – bringing new employees up to the mark in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost. This process benchmark helps in creating innovative value addition to client solutions.

Customer Engagement

Customer Service Policy

Techno Brain’s goal is to provide our customers with a quality experience - meeting or exceeding their expectations - with each and every interaction and delivery of our products and services. We view the opportunity to serve our customers, as a privilege. We operate in a competitive environment and understand that customers have options. As employees, one of the greatest rewards that we experience at work is a kind and appreciative comment from a customer. The quality of our customer experience is proportional to the quality of our efforts. As such, we view our relationship with the client as a shared experience.

In addition to our core values which are our driving force, Techno Brain aims to deliver exceptional customer service by adhering to the values below.

  • Responsiveness: We provide honest, impartial, and timely advice, along with high quality services. We also identify and promote the best practices to both internal and external customers
  • Responsible Individual Initiative: We believe there is no place for mediocrity and half-hearted efforts. Therefore, we accept personal and professional responsibility, accountability, and authority for our products and services
  • Communication: We are committed to promoting honest and open communication with our nternal and external customers. We first listen to understand and then communicate ideas, results, and information
  • Integrity: We strive to be open, honest, and transparent, use power responsibly, address or report improper conduct, avoid any real or apparent conflicts of interest, and endeavour to earn and sustain trust from internal and external customers
  • Outstanding Customer Service: We believe that our internal and external customers can and will take notice of great, caring service. We base all our efforts on this foundation
  • Strong Relationships with our Business Partners and Customers: We believe that strong business relationships help us go beyond the status quo - by working collaboratively, rather than in competition

T-Help - Techno Brain's Help Desk Portal

Techno Brain understands the value of our customers and the importance of providing on-time, effective, and satisfactory services and customer support. In an effort to consistently improve and deliver the best customer experience, Techno Brain uses T-Help, an online, web-based help desk portal for our esteemed customers.

T-Help comes with a range of features and functionalities. One of the key features of the solution, is the Ticketing System - whereby the customer can raise tickets by logging all of their concerns/issues and subsequently, track their status. The solution also allows Techno Brain and the customer to work collaboratively on resolving the matter within the shortest time possible. The portal maintains a historical data of the customer, allowing Techno Brain to provide analytical reports of the issues logged by the customer.

We are committed to providing the best customer service experience, while also ensuring that customers achieved higher productivity and efficiency with our products.

Contact Techno Brain's Help Desk via - Email: Telephone: +254 733 804 013

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