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Logistics is an important division of every business, and therefore, effective logistics management serves as a key differentiator from competitors. Logistics is the process of strategically managing the procurement, movement, and storage of commodities, inventory, information, and other resources through cost-effective ways, in order to maximise profits. The logistics market comprises of several players, such as – cargo handlers, trucking companies, shipping companies, container companies, courier service companies, etc. – each, involved in different processes ranging from inventory management and order processing to warehousing and cargo handling.

With dedicated expertise, extensive domain knowledge, and proven solutions, Techno Brain enables logistics service providers to maintain their competitive edge through our range of solutions for this domain.

Our solutions cater to different needs, including - development, re-engineering, legacy migration, performance management, and enterprise application integration.

However, the largest part of an organisation’s overall logistics budget, is the management of its fleet. Vehicles are expensive and challenging to equip and maintain. Organisations often seek an automated fleet management solution, to ensure optimal usage of their vehicles, and to gain maximum value. Techno Brain provides logistics companies with a smart solution to meet their needs, manage their fleet better, and make accurate decisions.

  • Manage fleets better
  • Obtain higher profit margins
  • Enable timely and accurate decisions
  • Track and maintain daily fleet movements effectively
  • Gauge fuel usage and fuelling frequency accurately
  • Record all driver-related incidents for appropriate disciplinary action
  • Add unique client requirements as-per-need basis

    Techno Brain’s ‘SmartFleet™’ is a customised Fleet Management System, designed to intelligently control all types of fleet. The solution enables companies to track their fleet daily, while accurately monitoring mileage and fuel consumption, maintaining the wear and tear of vehicles, and reporting driver-related incidents.

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    Financial Management

    Techno Brain offers a fully-featured financial solution for effectively managing operations and transactions. Easy to deploy and maintain, the solution is built on Microsoft Dynamics technology, and meets the needs of organisations through multi-site location features. Microsoft Dynamics allows the system to be centrally installed so that remote branches can seamlessly connect via the web over existing VPN network. This solution helps to jump start financial insights and distribution management, which can then be easily extended to all functional areas.

    PBL Transport partnered with Techno Brain to implement a Fleet Management System/Vehicle Tracking System to foster better tracking of their vehicles and to review fuel consumption per driver, per vehicle. The system provided real-time statistical reports on the location of various vehicles at different points of time, thereby improving supply chain visibility and performance. The solution was developed in line with the RFP requirements and eliminates any kind of manual intervention.


    Export Trading Group (ETG) established in the year 1967, is the leading commodity supply chain operator based in East and Southern Africa.

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    With current fast moving customer service needs, business owners of fleet companies are surprised to understand about GPS tracking systems / GPS based Fleet Management Systems values which extends just beyond GPS tracking.

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    Techno Brain successfully implemented Microsoft Dynamics. We found Techno Brain to be a suitable partner and competent to implement the solution. The application is running successfully and we are satisfied with Techno Brain’s technical expertise and their commitment to adhere to high standards, delivery in time, ability to train and provide support to our staff.” – Raj Kumar Jha – Company Secretary and General Manager of Finance and Admin, Berco Undercarriages India Pvt. Ltd., India

    Improve customer service quality with a GPS fleet tracking system

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