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Across the world, utility firms play an important role in generating wealth. Utilities, such as water and sanitation for example, are imperative for human sustenance. Most of the industries which drive revenue growth for nations depend on affordable and reliable energy. Critical gaps in the utilities industry can result in huge economic losses. Enterprises are striving to effectively respond to regulatory changes, price volatility, demand fluctuations, and increasing competition.
Adopting a one-stop-shop approach, Techno Brain provides cost-effective and comprehensive solutions to address the needs of the utilities industry across the entire value chain. Our solutions are deployed in a modular and scalable manner. They can be easily integrated with existing applications, resulting in swift and agile operations, quicker time-to-market, and proven results.

  • Ensures a user-friendly web interface for easier navigation and task performance
  • Secures employee data via a multi-level security system
  • Increases organisation synergy through employee self-service
  • Scales up seamlessly to meet growing needs
  • Integrates with other business applications
  • Improves decision-making with easy-to-analyse, real-time simplified information
  • Provides round-the-clock availability and support
  • Enables organisations to manage their fleet better, get higher ROI
  • Expands and adds unique client requirements as and when required
  • Improves timeliness and knowledge management search
  • Increases document security and control
  • Lowers costs and optimises maintenance
  • Provides consistent content
  • Improves asset reliability
  • Enhances customer satisfaction
  • Monitors geographically spread-out systems, which helps identify revenue opportunities and enables quicker issue resolution
  • Improves communication among organisations
  • Centralises diverse data relating to a place or region
  • Locates, identifies, and efficiently manages assets such as property, natural resources, and infrastructure

    With an ability to easily integrate with financial software - MS Dynamics NAV, along with various ERP packages, Inspire HRM™ is Techno Brain’s Human Resource and Payroll Management System, designed to streamline and effectively maintain payrolls, taxes, and finances.

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    SmartFleet™ is the perfect off-shelf solution, which can be easily integrated with current systems, or customised and configured based on an organisation’s needs. Techno Brain’s SmartFleet™ is capable of intelligently controlling all types of fleet.

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    Electronic Document Management System

    Through this solution, Techno Brain helps organisations to manage and track important documents, information, and processes for various services. The solution is secure and easy to use. Organisations can therefore create a paperless office. In addition, the solution serves as an effective records management system, capable of addressing both creation control and records retention. Techno Brain’s Electronic Document Management System, allows for integration and compliance of various files, spreadsheets, as well as databases into a single system.  The solution can increase effectiveness, while decreasing operational costs.  Techno Brain also engages in swift knowledge transfer of the solution to the client’s employees.

    SAP Solutions

    Techno Brain provides a suite of SAP solutions for the utilities industry, which offer regulatory compliance and operational efficiency, while allowing organisations to navigate through environmental challenges. Organisations can operate better and are able to meet challenges of supplying power, energy, etc. SAP solutions help to optimise processes and operations across platforms. With these solutions, organisations can harness the right technology to achieve profitability, sustainability, and security in providing services to people.

    GIS Utility Solutions 

    Techno Brain provides a comprehensive set of GIS solutions to capture, store, analyse, and share information across an organisation. These solutions are driven by industry standards and cater to various functional areas such as asset management, land management, crop and soil survey, revenue management, transport management, and many more. With extensive domain expertise and years of experience in this field, Techno Brain carries out detailed analysis of an organisation’s existing GIS systems to offer strategic, customised GIS solutions. Techno Brain’s GIS solutions accurately map spatial features, trends, and data to foster informed business decisions and increase process efficiency. The solutions include:

    • Land Information Management System – Helps in urban planning, enforcement of land management policies, and sharing of land-related information
    • GIS-Based Revenue Management System – Identifies, tracks, and analyses all local authorities assets and properties for managing revenue
    • Way Leave Management System – Manages projects, inventory, and real-estate transactions
    • GIS-Based Asset Management System - Aims to improve the asset visibility, tracking, and control for an institution’s asset base


    Deploying the custom solution developed by Techno Brain, the review process of documents became faster with the availability of collaboration tools and comparison features.

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    Techno Brain successfully completed the implementation of Messaging and Collaboration System at TANESCO The activities carried out by Techno Brain include – system study; preparation of implementation document; supply and installation of HP ML 370 server and windows server 2003 along with required licenses; installation, configuration, testing and commissioning of exchange server 2007; installation, configuration, and testing of forefront security for exchange; installation, configuration, and testing of office communication server 2007; administrator and end-user training; and hand holding support.” – Dudu Fuime – Managing Director, Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited, Tanzania

    Techno Brain has successfully implemented Fleet Management System at DAWASCO in 2013-14. Techno Brain implemented the solution for us within the agreed time frames and the continued after sales support received from them has been satisfactory. We are happy to confirm that the solution is running successfully and we are satisfied with Techno Brain’s technical expertise and their commitment to adhere to high standards, delivery in time, ability to train and provide support to our staff.” – Lwakege Gordon – Chief Executive Officer, DAWASCO, Tanzania

    The Ministry of Water Lands and Environment through the Directorate of Water Development (DWD) had initiated an ICT project ‘Consultancy services for review of Management Information System’. The project was successfully completed by Techno Brain within the specified time. The report submitted was also accepted by DWD. Techno Brain demonstrated high level of professionalism and thorough understanding of the requirements which help the directorate to take further steps to achieve the overall objectives." – Richard Cong – Project Manager, Ministry of Water Lands and Environment, Uganda

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