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Core banking is the heart of banking operations today. As banks companies scale up globally, growing security concerns have created the need for secure, robust, and convenient solutions. Financial institutions seek solutions that can be easily integrated into existing systems to ensure regulatory compliance, protection of data, assets, and clients, as well as to mitigate any immediate or future risk. Alphanumeric passwords no longer meet safety demands. The latest in password security is PC-based biometric authentication. By assimilating biometric technology with traditional security systems, banks and insurance companies can be assured of the highest level of security.

Built on Techno Brain’s multi-modal biometric platform – SecuRegister™ SecureBanking™ is a centralised biometric authentication solution, specially created for the Banking sector. With regular audit trails for monitoring systems, the bank, and insurance companies, our solution ensures an all-round protection anytime-anywhere. Techno Brain’s SecureBanking™ can be integrated with any core banking system. Our solution enables secure registration and verification of users through a PC-based enrolment feature, built on automatic fingerprint technology. The solution provides a robust environment for incorporating new technologies, controlling core banking processes, and extending operations online.


Here is a list of benefits across our Banking offerings:
  • Reduces security concerns
  • Eliminates identity theft
  • Prevents exchange of passwords between users during emergency situations
  • Ensures confidentiality of sensitive data
  • Conforms to various regulations and standards
  • Minimises fraud and duplicate enrolments
  • Lowers cost of operations

SecureBanking comprises of a set of best-in-class products and solutions, which facilitate the core capabilities to seamlessly connect front-office activities with back-office systems. They enable low-cost, real-time processing of key financial transactions while providing high-performance tools for integrating and controlling customer information, managing personalised customer relationships, and taking on today’s banking challenges.

  • Hosted/On-Premise Core Banking Solutions: Offers flexibility to financial institutions for easy adaptability to market needs and enables banks to meet the challenges of intense competition, reduced margins, and increased customer expectations
  • Loan Origination and Legal Recovery Systems: Helps to address the twin problems of correct loan origination and legal redressal in case of default
  • Anti-Money Laundering: Mitigates the risk of money laundering in the Banks via robust analytics
  • Mobile Banking: Enables real-time mobile fund transfers and instant confirmations of credit and debit to sender and receiver
  • Payment Gateway Solution/Financial Transaction Switch: Interfaces with core banking systems to enable all ATM/POS related transactions across diverse environments
  • Internet Banking: Enables banks to cater to the demands of today’s customers – anytime, anywhere banking
  • SMS Banking: Issues SMS alerts that help banks and customers to securely send invitations to facilities, and introduction of deposit and loan schemes to mobile phones
  • Electronic Wallet: Allows users to make electronic payments using a financial instrument (such as a credit card or digital cash through NFC), and hides the low-level execution details of the payment protocol used to make the payment
  • Voucher Management System: Uses Biometric and NFC-based smart cards, along with the Voucher Management Software to automate the process of beneficiary identification and disbursement, so as to increase the reach and benefits of the welfare scheme to the needy
  • Customer Identity Management (KYC) Solution: Uses real-time, multi-factor authentication to fortify the security of financial institutions’ systems
  • Two-factor Authentication: Protects against identity theft by adopting two-factor authentication, i.e. identity is established based on something the user has — such as a physical token — and something he/she knows, such as a password

Mobile and Agent Banking for Oromia International Bank

With a desire to provide its dynamic, easy-to-use, and cost-effective products and services anytime-anywhere, Oromia International Bank wanted to introduce a mobile banking and agent banking solution. The solution would enable convenient banking services to the Ethiopian market. The bank approached Techno Brain, whose mobile and agent banking solution helped the bank provide superior customer service, without the limitations of time and space. The solution was backed by advanced technology to reduce costs,easily adapt to various functions of the bank, and enable seamless operations.

Core Banking System for the Ethiopian Airlines Credit Association

Ethiopian Airlines provides its members an association that carries out banking operations, as well as offers a credit and saving scheme. With Techno Brain as a partner, the association has implemented a full-fledged core banking system that automates the daily financial activities of Ethiopian Airlines, provides impeccable services to its members, improves efficiencies, mitigates risk, and adapts to continuous regulatory changes.

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