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Managed Services
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Managed service

Organisations tend to keep IT support in-house to keep costs down. This, however, often works to the detriment of budgets and operational efficiencies. Internal IT personnel may have limited time or expertise in maintaining numerous technologies and equipment types;in addition, running an IT team involves extra effort.

Managed Services is the strategic approach to improve operations and reduce expenses by outsourcing day-to-day functions and management activities.

As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), Techno Brain takes on responsibility for providing a set of services to clients — either pro actively or as the client determines. We provide administration, support, and maintenance for all enterprise infrastructure — from the data centre to end-user PC platforms, and all the functional points in between. Typical managed services activities include SLA-based response and resolution, data centre support, system administration and ADSL connectivity maintenance, end-user support, network operations support, remedial maintenance, and testing and release management.


  • Reduces the cost of IT - predefines and predicts IT service costs
  • Increases productivity year-on-year, viaprocess improvements
  • Serves as a single IT service provider, as opposed to multiple third-party providers
  • Eliminates the problem of lack of staff availability
  • Lowers HR costs
  • Predicts capital expenditure via central provisioning for hardware, software, and services
  • Reduces risk in IT services
  • Handles business growth in changing environments effectively
  • Lowers cost, risk, and time associated with the deployment of new systems
  • Manages demand spikes efficiently
  • Ensures ITIL framework to implement best practices, process automation tools to reduce human error, and monitoring tools that enable faster incident response
  • Increases percentage of resolutions at Tier 0 (self-service) and Tier 1 (first contact)
  • Transforms the architecture for performance optimisation and cloud migration

Techno Brain’s pool of ICT engineers, brings you skill and experience in a wide range of IT areas. Our team is certified in numerous programs and technologies. Our managed services portfolio comprises of the flowing.

  • IT Service Management (ITSM): Provides flexible, high-speed solutions for both highly automated and industrial IT environments, and includes additional value-added functionality – for meeting rapidly evolving demands of enterprises
  • IT Infrastructure Support: Delivers services to help manage IT infrastructure, thus ensuring high uptime level for running daily operations, business applications, and complex and mission critical applications and networks
  • Microsoft Services: Supports various Microsoft projects, such as - Windows Server, Active Directory Domain Services, Exchange Server, Lync, System Center and Hyper V, and Office 365
  • Data Hosting, Colocation and Cloud Services: Eliminates the need to build, staff, and manage an organisation’s in-house computer hardware, software and other devices and provides hosted cloud services to host various IT components

Techno Brain provides predictable, efficient, cost-measurable IT services. We understand that outsourcing IT systems maintenance is a significant investment in terms of budget and trust.

Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) Based Criminal Tracking System for the Malawi Police

Business Process Re-engineering for Wananchi Group Holdings

The client was facing a major challenge in terms of providing efficient customer service. Lack of process knowledge and lack of defined SLAs and KPIs at Wananchi, led to a First Call Resolution rate of lesser than 50% and a high percentage of abandonment calls. Techno Brain performed a business process reengineering of Wananchi’s existing customer service management system, focusing on first call resolution and analysis of the root cause of the actual problem. With Techno Brain, Wananchi increased their First Call Resolution rate from 45% to 75%, reduced call abandonment rate, enhanced post-sales support, reduced repeated calls and entry of multiple cases, increased the ability to manage additional inflow of call volumes and improved customer satisfaction.

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Border Control System for Department of Immigration (DOI), Government of Malawi

Computer Aided Telephonic Interview System for Millward Brown

Techno Brain deployed a Computer-aided Telephonic Interview (CATI) System, integrated with call centre technology, enabling Millward Brown to reach out to people across geographies from a single location.The client was facing many operational issues due to low network connectivity, resulting in limited access to children, unreliable phone lines which were down for weeks, and lack of follow-up as they did not have a proper case management system to track open or pending cases. Techno Brain’s solution brought about many benefits, such as - accurate data capture with automated call recording, instant reporting with relevant category break down, quality checks and robust reporting mechanism and data security ensured.

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