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Success Stories
Techno Brain’s Industry Solutions unit is a combination of RFID- and GIS-based solutions customised to address the unique business needs of different verticals. RFID is an inexpensive, scalable solution that provides real-time answers to the - what and where of entities - as varied as people, moving goods, inventory items, equipment, and vehicles. Businesses, site owners, and other entities benefit from RFID technology in several ways: Process visibility, automation of data collection, reduced possibility of manual error, vastly reduced possibility of fraud or theft, and so forth.We understand the need of each industry for a comprehensive solution that addresses the challenge of visibility into the location and movement of objects as well as persons. We design and deliver solutions that reliably provide the desired extent of visibility, which in turn drives immediate business benefits.

Here is a list of our RFID solutions, each of which incorporates technologies — including barcode, GPS, Wi-Fi, and wireless — appropriate to the domain of application.
  • Asset and Inventory Tracking Solution: Increases operational efficiency via a reduction in the time taken to search for assets/tools/equipment as a result of better visibility
  • Warehouse Management Solution: Improves efficiency in receiving, stocking, and picking of warehouse items. It also prevents stock-outs through accurate and precise stock-taking
  • Library Automation Solution: Helps librarians to easily and quickly adapt to changes in stock while saving costs.Helps to also save time by automated book search on shelves using portable scanners
  • Loyalty Card Management System: Eliminates the need for manual data entry regarding points and preferences
  • E-purse and E-toll Solutions: Increases convenience and transaction efficiency by replacing cash for low-value payments
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition System: Identifies vehicles for parking, toll payment, and traffic data collection quickly and accurately
  • Retail Security Management Solution: Provides real-time visibility to deal with issues such as employee theft, shoplifting, vendor fraud, as well as reducing administrative and paper errors
  • Container and Yard Management System: Facilitates Yard/Port managers with an asset management system that allows efficient and cost-effective operations. Provides an easy method to capture data, update and synchronise data with minimal risk of errors
  • Attendance Tracking: Captures the identity data, verifies it, records the time stamp, and allows access if the person is authorised
  • Document Tracking: Provides tracking, workflow, and records management features that helps streamline processes, reduce manual efforts and operational costs
  • E-Toll Solution: Enables electronic collection of toll payments and resolve registered complaints
  • Solid Waste Management: Increases efficiency of solid waste collection and provides better coordination with respective authorities
  • Supply-chain Tracking: Exchanges information seamlessly amongst all stakeholders and increases inventory and operations visibility
  • Visitors Management: Offers a combined single-window solution that identifies, authenticates, tracks, and monitors visitors

Adoption of RFID enables identification and tracking of entities, and subsequently, automation of operations and remote management of assets. This results in the following broad benefits:

  • Unique asset identification for easy tracking
  • Automated data collection for accurate, real-time information — which eases the decision-making process regarding resources and processes
  • Maximised asset utilisation via better visibility into an asset’s value, condition, and usage
  • Location-based information on asset movement and distribution
  • MIS reports for quick decision making
  • System alerts for quick response to asset-related events
  • Time savings and increased convenience for shoppers, library customers, owners of parked vehicles, and users of vehicle toll booths
  • Enhanced security for buildings, libraries, toll booths, and warehouses
  • Easier investigation of criminal activity through the availability of historical records on parking, drive-ins, and inventory delivery

RFID Event Management for ESAAG Annual Conference 2014, South Africa

The East and Southern African Association of Accountants General (ESAAG) needed a simple solution for event registration, attendance tracking throughout various sessions and conference activities, and providing networking facilities for its 1000+ guests. Techno Brain provided a solution that not only helped with registration, but provided access control and authentication of guests, enhanced user experience through personalised welcome screens, developed accurate session-wise attendance reports, provided digital business cards for networking, and facilitated digital exchange of conference materials.

RFID Warehouse Management for Future Ceramics, Saudi Arabia

Future Ceramics needed an RFID-based supply chain management system to increase its long-term performance,improve the overall supply chain, and maximise revenue while minimising costs. The solution would have to be flexible and efficient, increase productivity, improve material location accuracy, reduce data collection errors, and reduce the manual effort of data entry. Techno Brain had a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements, and is currently in the process of implementing an RFID-based SCM system for Future Ceramics. With our solution, capturing information across warehouses and plants will be faster and more accurate, costs will be lower, human errors such as typos and in correct selection will be minimised, and inventory management will be significantly easier.

East London Industrial Development Zone (ELIDZ), South Africa ELIDZ

ELIDZ was looking to improve its operational efficiency and improve service delivery to businesses.They selected Techno Brain to implement an integrated IT system for financial, facilities and projectmanagement, among other functions. Techno Brain deployed an integrated solution that comprised:

  • Dynamics AX,anERPsystem to help automate operations at ELIDZ and also act as a base for future and any related automation needs. Installed modules includedfinancial management, procurement and sourcing, RFID inventory and warehouse management, sales and marketing, facilities andservice management, project management and accounting, compliance and audit, Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX, and human capital management
  • A GIS-basedasset management system to improve asset visibility, tracking, and control for ELIDZ’s asset base. Implemented modules includedproperty/building management, asset management, and systems administration

With Techno Brain’s solution, the client improved asset life cycle tracking and report generation for ageing assets, asset allocation, condition, and usage. In addition, the solution also provided automated asset inventory and automated maintenance tracking. With Techno Brain’s comprehensive suite of RFID solutions, organisations and other entities gain greater visibility into operations — which in turn drives lower investment costs, reduced turnaround times, and improved ROI. RFID technology has the inherent potential to improve accountability, ensure accuracy in records, improve process efficiency, and dramatically increase convenience for people in various roles. We design our solutions such that you derive the maximum benefit from this simple yet versatile, cost-effective yet powerful technology.

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