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Tax & Revenue
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Tax & Revenue

Trips+ is a world-class solution suite for customs, tax and integrated revenue authorities. Trips+ provides, for the first time, a means to manage all revenue streams including all direct and indirect taxes, customs duties and business licences.

The inspiration for Trips+ is the need all authorities have to maximise revenues, to combat financial fraud, to facilitate trade and to encourage voluntary compliance.
Solutions within the Trips+ suite include:-

  • Trips+ Customs
  • Trips+ Tax
  • Trips+ Integrated Revenue

Trips+ success is based on its modular design, easy configuration and Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) platform, aimed at providing our clients with a solution that is flexible, future-proof and fully compatible with other applications.
The key features of Trips+ are:-

  • Trips+ increases revenue through building of tax base and reduction of fraud
  • Trips+ is designed for complete compliance with industry standards, including World Customs Organisation
  • Trips+ single window capability, facilitates communication with other revenue and border agencies, both nationally and internationally
  • Trips+ can link into regional integration initiatives
  • Trips+ provides better, more effective risk management through improved intelligence and risk profiling
  • Trips+ reduces operational costs through process automation, better intelligence, and more targeted audits
  • Trips+ enables faster clearance times and facilitates trade, creating a better investment climate


Here is a list of benefits across our Tax & Revenue solution offerings.

  • Helps to streamline operations
  • Increases revenue collection and compliance with e-government mandates for security and confidentiality
  • Techno Brain provide flexibility to build a solution to fit the tax and revenue agencies unique business needs and enforce compliance while increasing tax collection
  • Support enforcement of Trade Facilitation activities effectively

Trips+ Customs
Customs is at the heart of the global trade network, continuously balancing demands to improve trade facilitation while meeting increasing needs of security and regulation. Customs is under pressure to deliver customer-centric service, capture accurate revenues and target illicit trade within the constraints of stretched resources. Enterprise solutions present the strategic facility for realising these goals.

Trips+ Customs has been designed for the requirements of a modern customs authority, which in turn are driven by the WCO guidelines, Kyoto and other conventions, as well as the current EU customs code and its eCustoms vision in the Multi-Annual Strategic Plan. These are illustrated by:-

  • Simplification and harmonisation
  • Mutual administrative assistance and integrity
  • Common pre-arrival and pre-departure information
  • Electronic lodgement
  • Facilitation of a Single Window providing integration of information between, for example, customs, tax and other national and international agencies
  • The exchange of data with other systems, such as NCTS (New Computerised Transit System)
  • Risk management
  • Supply chain security based on the WCO SAFE Framework amongst others
  • Authorised economic operators

Trips+ Tax
The demands placed on tax administrations are increasing, with taxpayers expecting greater transparency and faster and better service. At the same time, governments are under pressure to maintain or increase revenue whilst lowering tax rates. Techno Brain has drawn its extensive experience to offer a world-class solution that enables tax administrations to enhance service to taxpayers, improve compliance and transparency, and build the tax base.

Trips+ Tax is designed by tax administration experts, drawing on many years’ experience of providing strategic advice and hands on assistance to tax and revenue authorities globally. Trips+ Tax is the product of their work defining tax business processes within client countries according to international best practices. Delivering world-class operations Trips+ Tax has the functionality and work-flows that support world-class tax administration. For example, Trips+ can:-

  • Facilitate taxpayer engagement through an online self-service portal and web-filing interface, where taxpayers are able to view their own full tax ledger
  • Make use of operational intelligence to prepare risk profiles and produce reports and alerts.
  • Help plan resources for investigation and audit activities
  • Maintain the efficiency of risk profiles through a post-audit feedback cycle
  • Filter refunds through inbuilt controls so fraudulent repayment claims can be identified prior to refund.
  • Enable easy maintenance of taxpayer register, identifying redundant entries
  • Provide embedded BI and Management Dashboards
  • Provide a 360° view of taxpayer information

Trade Facilitation Solutions

Pre-Arrival Assessment Report (PAAR) - Employs international best practices - our system allows importers to submit documents for assessment and issuance of clearance before cargo arrival. It provides timely, multi-dimensional risk analysis at every stage of customs processes

Import Export Commodity Valuation Systems (IECV) - Prevents loss, identifies outliers, computes value deviations, and analyses data such that it is searchable and such that information can be retrieved for easy management of operations

Electronic Cargo Tracking Solution - Helps governmental agencies enforce cargo handling regulations, improves tax collection, reduces dumping, and ensures that cargo follows designated trade routes

Central Motor Vehicle Registration System (CMVRS) - Maintains accurate, current records of vehicles and ownership. IT-enabled and system-managed capabilities handle all transactions from registration and licensing through to fitness certification and transfers

Improving International Trade, Philippines

Crown Agents in association with Techno Brain helped the Government of Philippines improve international trade using a National Single Window solution. The Government experienced massive delays in the clearance of goods which affected trade and development. As trade facilitation is a top priority for the Government of Philippines, Techno Brain and Crown Agents’ project aimed to reduce the time commitment and cost for stakeholders engaged in business with the Philippines. The solution that was implemented linked various agencies electronically and therefore increased efficiency by submitting import/export documents and transit requirements through one electronic portal. Besides streamlining trade processes, the project also reduced costs and saved time. Additionally, the solution facilitated improved data processing, faster customs clearance, enhanced trader compliance, and increased transparency and accountability.

Flexible Learning Centres for Out-of-school Children, Ghana

While Ghana has made giant strides in providing basic education and improving literacy, there are still a few sections of the population, especially in the rural areas, who are left out. Recognizing the stark reality of this situation, the government of Ghana partnered with Crown Agents, who worked with Techno Brain to roll out education for excluded children in a programme call ‘complementary basic education (CBE)’. In a period of just nine months, children aged between 8-14 years who were not in school, were taught basic numeric, literacy and life skills. After the children cleared this, they were ready to join primary school. The solution specially focused on reaching out to girls who face many significant socio-cultural barriers.

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