Techno Brain Expands IT Software Portfolio with Acquisition of Crown Agents’ Trips™ Suite

Techno Brain Expands IT Software Portfolio with Acquisition of Crown Agents’ Trips™ Suite

Techno Brain Africa’s leading software and IT services company, has signed an agreement with Crown Agents Limited to acquire Trips™, its suite of integrated customs and revenue software, implemented as the backbone of modern and efficient revenue systems for governments across the globe.

Under this agreement the Trips™ core development team of tax and customs software experts will transition to Techno Brain and form the nucleus of a new business unit of Techno Brain, headquartered in Sutton, U.K.

Crown Agents and Techno Brain have also signed a strategic partnership agreement to continue to serve existing customers and to promote and deliver the Trips™ suite worldwide. This partnership will leverage Crown Agents’ considerable tax and customs domain expertise together with Techno Brain’s global technology delivery capability to deliver outstanding outcomes for revenue authorities across the world.

Crown Agents pioneered the development of Trips™, having in mind that a modern customs agency must deliver agility, accuracy, security and transparency, using systems that empower rather than restrict. This technology supports change, reform and delivery of e-services to taxpayers and is a fully functional and highly configurable suite of dedicated and integrated products providing full customs, tax and single window solutions.

Having established Trips™ as one of the acknowledged leading products in the field, Crown Agents determined that the optimal route for future development was to enter into partnership with a specialist technology and software development company.

“Trips™ is a proven revenue solution that has transformed institutions around the world. Having nurtured and developed it over the years, we are pleased to find in Techno Brain an owner who will continue to build on its successes in the future. We are looking forward to continuing our involvement with Trips™ as a partner of Techno Brain, using our experience and expertise to aid its implementation.” Ken Coveney, Crown Agents Chief Financial Officer.

“Customs is at the heart of the global trade network. Income from taxation and customs is the fuel for a country’s progress and wellbeing. Our goal is to have the broadest and best portfolio of solutions to improve trade facilitation and strengthen public financial management. The acquisition of Trips™ is a perfect fit with that strategy.” Manoj Shanker, CEO at Techno Brain.