Government Taxpayer
  • Trips+ increases revenue through building of tax base and reduction of fraud
  • Trips+ is designed for complete compliance with industry standards, including World Customs Organization
  • Trips+ single window capability, facilitates communication with other revenue and border agencies, both nationally and internationally
  • Trips+ can link into regional integration initiatives
  • Trips+ provides better, more effective risk management through improved intelligence and risk profiling
  • Trips+ reduces operational costs through process automation, better intelligence, and more targeted audits
  • Trips+ enables faster clearance times and facilitates trade, creating a better investment climate
  • Helps to streamline operations
  • Increases revenue collection and compliance with e-government mandates for security and confidentiality
  • Techno Brain provide flexibility to build a solution to fit the tax and revenue agencies unique business needs and enforce compliance while increasing tax collection.
  • Support enforcement of Trade Facilitation activities effectively