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In a more congested and ever-evolving world, the need to enhance the security of travel documents persists now more than ever to prevent fraud. A continued growth in the number of travelers necessitates state-of-the-art systems that enhance security and speed of operations. The answer to the challenge of facilitating speedier passenger clearance without compromising security lies in the biometric enhancement of machine-readable travel documents (MRTD), particularly machine-readable e-VISA and other travel documents.


We offer an Electronic Visa (e-Visa) application processing system that is designed to provide a collaborative framework between all parties involved in the Visa Application Process and e-Government formalities. The framework leverages Information Technology to provide a logical and coherent structure in which all parties are able to interact without compromise. The database architecture is designed to securely handle the data requirements between the related parties.


Our solution provides each party with their own set of tools allowing them to feed data into our proprietary algorithms which parse and process the data according to predefined and respective functions resulting in a seamless Visa and e-Government process while ensuring a level playing field for all the members of the framework.

How does it work?

The core essence of the framework is reducing the burden of data maintenance across all the related parties eventually resulting in the elimination of stale data currently plaguing the Internet. The Framework combines third party compliant hardware with a software solution creating an optimized platform for a family of solutions specifically designed to the needs of individuals, travelers, governments and suppliers.


Techno Brain’s e-Visa System will be a web-based solution that allows online visa application requests, visa processing and fee payment, visa clearance and visa printing.

e-Visa Portal: multi-channel access


Responsive Design


Data Optimized

Why e-Visa?

The e- Visa has emerged as one of the most innovative services implemented in the area of e-Governance, tourism development and people-to-people contacts.

  • Users can apply and process visas application online.
  • Automated workflow for visa application submission, review and approval process.
  • Integrated online payment.
  • Integrates with other external systems in support of visa processing.
  • Generates notifications to visa applicants via SMS/email.
  • Flexible search and reporting capabilities.
Saving 24-30 Working Days On Administrative Issues

Issues related to the visa process such as scheduling appointments, receiving applicants at the visa office, inputting data from visa application into the visa system, scanning and saving supporting documents, printing visa stickers and returning passport to applicants.

Reduction In Cost Of Visa Issuance And Management

Translating into additional revenue for the government and the country.Implementing an e-visa system helps to reduce the cost of consular operations. Government are not forced to open high maintenance embassies or consulates.

Increase Tourism Traffic To The Country By 35%


Translating into Dollars of secondary revenue and employment growth in the country.

By Collecting Visa Fees Online And Before An Intended Travel

Countries are able to streamline fraud and mismanagement and generate greater revenue through the issuance of Visas

Deployment and Operations


Get Online

Visit your country’s e-Visa website.


Apply Online

Enter your passport and travel details.


Pay Online

Pay the indicated e-Visa fee online.



Your electronic travel authorization document is ready for download.

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