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Border Control and Management System

By focusing on people, process and technology, we offer a holistic solution to the Border Control and Management Departments, while achieving security and compliance goals tailored to the unique challenges of each country.

Border Management begins much before an individual arrives at a port of entry. We understand this, and as such our Integrated Border Control and Management System offers a 360-degree view analysis of every individual crossing the borders, based on an open information-sharing platform – built for proactive decision making.

Our Integrated Border Control and Management System has proved powerful in helping government agencies address these challenges more efficiently—thereby achieving the dual goals of facilitating the movement of people across a country’s borders and enhancing the security of citizens and visitors alike.

Features/ Benefits

  • Built of the robust SecuRegister Identity Management platform.
  • Built in templates of passports of more than 190 countries.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Open architecture for quick and easy integration with relevant third-party systems.
  • Supports advanced passenger information system.
  • Thin-clients for quick scaling and roll-out.
  • Cloud-ready: can be deployed in a Government cloud, if available.
  • Modular and quick implementation.
  • Secure a 360-degree view of movement of persons.
  • Connects with each country’s watchlist security agencies.
  • Allows for detailed analysis of traveler profiles.
  • Integrates with e-gates systems for expedited clearance.
  • Government agencies gain access to customized source code of the system.

Use Cases

Aviation Industry


Border Crossings


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