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Core Values

Focus on People

Techno Brain values people and constantly achieves superior performance through its people. Therefore the policies and culture are geared towards enhancing quality of working life for employees and providing exceptional service to customers.  Most importantly, we value the communities with which we conduct our business.



Techno Brain as an employer strongly believes in and encourages innovation, expertise, technological advancement, learning and personal development among its employees. This in turn enables us to provide innovative solutions to our external customers and thought leadership within the industry.


Youth Empowerment

Techno Brain is constantly thinking on how to “Empower Youth to Change the World”. We value and adopt a hands-on approach to developing what is best in young people: their vision, creative power, and drive to make the world an inclusive, sustainable place for themselves and future generations.


Capacity Building

Techno Brain is built on the central philosophy of Capacity Building, and this is translated into our strategy and evident in all our interactions in the regions where we are present. For us, capacity building is an ongoing process through which we engage with our employees, partners, customers and our surrounding societies to enhance their ability to identify and meet development challenges.


Courageous Integrity

Techno Brain adheres to maintaining high moral principles and protecting the professional standards of the various professions within the organization. We assure value to our customers by modelling our behaviours around integrity and ethical leadership.

Valuing Diversity

We are an equal opportunities employer, and we leverage on the power of diversity existing within our organisation. We treat the uniqueness of each individual with respect and promote positive relations among all cultures.