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Governments globally have recognized that evolving international environment has created increasingly sophisticated threats to the security and integrity of their national passports. In order to increase the security of their national passports and maintain their integrity as a means of identifying their citizens, many countries are upgrading their passport issuance systems with greater security features.

Countries are increasingly adopting and migrating to “electronic Passports” as Passports have evolved rapidly from hand-written documents with glued-in photos towards fully digitized, electronic documents. The use of digital passports has the potential to greatly increase national security. In addition, machine-readable electronic documents greatly speed up passport control through automated border control gates.


Our secure passports solutions are built on a trusted SecuRegister Identity Management Platform. From application to issuance, usage and everything in between, we offers a modular and secure system, for quick and cost-effective adoption and/or migration to an e-Passport system. Be it an e-Passport with a paper or polycarbonate data-page, either an extended access control (EAC) or basic access control (BAC) implementation, our solutions meet the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and are tailored to be relevant to the needs of any country.


Applicant Journey


e-passport customer journey step 1-01

A citizen accesses an online e-Passport portal.

e-passport customer journey step 2-01

The citizen fills in details on the portal as they would on a paper-application.

e-passport customer journey step 3-01

The completed form with an application number is printed by the citizen.

e-passport customer journey step 4-01

The indicated e-Passport application fees can be done online or at the nearest bank branch.


e-passport customer journey step 5-01

The citizen visits the Immigration office on the date of the appointment.

e-passport customer journey step 6-01

An Officer verifies the application forms and the supporting documents.

e-passport customer journey step 7-01

The Officer initiates bio-metric enrollment.

e-passport customer journey step 8-01

The citizen verifies the captured information.


e-passport customer journey step 9-01

The citizen can track the progress of their application and is notified when the Passport is ready to be collected.

e-passport customer journey step 10-01

The citizen visits the Immigration office on the advised date.

e-passport customer journey step 11-01

The Officer verifies the identity of the citizen using their biometrics.

e-passport customer journey step 12-01

Upon successful matching, the citizen is issued with their Passport.

Department of Immigration Journey


DOI journey step 1-01

Immigration Officer logs into their workstation to access and review online applications.

DOI journey step 2-01

An automated back-end process verifies the application details with other government systems, payment status and presents the verified information for the Officer’s confirmation.


DOI journey step 3-01

An Officer retrieves the application details, verifies the application forms and the supporting documents.

DOI journey step 4-01

The Officer initiates biometric enrollment.

DOI journey step 5-01

The citizens verifies the captured information.


DOI journey step 6-01

The biometric attributes are verified against the database to ensure uniqueness of the information.

DOI journey step 7-01

The e-Passport application undergoes an approval process.

DOI journey step 8-01

Once approved the Passport is printed and undergoes quality control. 


DOI journey step 9-01

A system generated notification is sent to the citizen.

DOI journey step 10-01

The Officer verifies the identity of the citizen using their biometrics and with successful matching, the citizen is issued with their passport. 

Features & Benefits

  • The system is browser-based.
  • Built for scalability and quick deployment.
  • Multi-channel registration capability.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Open architecture for quick and easy integration with third-party systems.
  • Cloud-ready: can be deployed in a Government cloud, if available.
  • Modular and quick implementation.
  • Simplifies the passport application process.
  • Eliminates the manual process of data entry by the Immigration Officers.
  • Reduces paperwork.
  • Reduces the cost of passport issuance and management.

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