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Governments worldwide are striving to become more responsive and citizen centric by aligning their services to the dynamic needs of citizens and stakeholders. The advent of the internet has allowed citizens to demand for better services by providing several inputs to the government’s policy-making processes. Rapid changes in the IT industry has therefore fostered a shift in focus from the traditional process of just providing feedback to the process of creating, storing, disseminating and using information. IT-driven systems of governance, work better, cost lesser, and service the needs of citizens in accordance to changing times.
Techno Brain offers e-Governance-related products and services that allows the interaction between the government and citizens, the government and business enterprises, and inter-agency relationships to be more convenient, cost-effective, and transparent. Our extensive experience of working with various government departments in Africa, has given us a distinctive advantage to design, develop, and implement various tailor-made e-governance initiatives. Techno Brain’s offerings can be deployed across various segments of the Government, including – Ministries, Counties/Local Government, Agencies, Regulatory Authorities, Revenue Authorities and Parastatals.

  • Improves financial operations, strategic planning activities and optimises tax payer funds
  • Enhances operational efficiencies — driven by optimisation of routes, locations, and operations timing
  • Plans better services through accurate mapping of terrain and maintenance of terrain-related information
  • Recognises different approaches to participation, outcomes, impact and reach
  • Monitors quantitative and qualitative project objectives
  • Reduces the risk associated with sensitive information and company security issues
  • Minimises fraud and duplicate enrolments
  • Provides an easy online registration of new businesses
  • Fosters disclosure of information and data exchange with other agencies
  • Increases quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction at lower costs
  • Improves timeliness and knowledge management search
  • Enhances document security and control
  • Communicates vision, mission, and strategy by using strategy maps and scorecards
  • Builds transparency within the enterprise by sharing performance results across the entire organisation
  • Promotes a culture of performance at all levels and monitors individual, departmental, and organisational performance
  • Complies with industry regulations effortlessly
  • Reduces business complexity via well-planned and effectively designed workflows
  • Provides an out-of-the-box payroll system designed to fit Africa and boosts organisation synergy through employee self-service
  • Improves account handling via instant tax collections from citizens
  • Analyses import/export data providing unit values, analysed prices, and outliers
  • Increases government revenue due to transparent processes
  • Handles cargo procedures efficiently
  • Improves ability to monitor activity for national security purposes
  • Increases inward investment through a better investment climate

Techno Brain’s InspireHRM™ is an Enterprise Human Resource and Payroll Management System designed to automate and streamline HR and payroll processes. The product can be seamlessly integrated with financial softwares such as – MS Dynamics NAV, along with other ERP packages, which will enable effective maintenance of payrolls, taxes, and finances.

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SecuRegister™ is Techno Brain’s multi-modal biometric system, which serves as a reliable and robust identification system, ensuring round-the-clock confidentiality and security of an organisation’s highly sensitive data. In today’s world, person identification has become increasingly popular and important, as a result of increasing risk concerns. Identity verification options, such as passwords and cards no longer suffice for diverse businesses.

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To meet the dynamic requirements of organisations, an effective project management solution is imperative. Governments today, in their efforts to deliver citizen-centric services, are demanding project management solutions that are capable of setting quality benchmarks, providing transparent processes, and delivering high performance, effective governance, and real-time results. Project management systems should be capable of monitoring, evaluating and providing feedback through

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Techno Brain provides a range of offerings for the Government Sector. Some of these offerings are deployed across multiple segments, while others are segment specific. The classification is represented in the figure below.

Government Solutions Segmentation

Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS™)

Techno Brain uses Microsoft Dynamics to deliver a solution that tracks and analyses business information, and helps government organisations to consolidate all financial transactions into a single screen. Our IFMS™ solution, not only meets the different needs of the government, but also ensures compliance, transparency, fiscal accountability, and strong government financial controls. IFMS™ helps organisations to operate efficiently and improve productivity. The solution comprises various features, such as - Public Financial Management Consulting, Online Output based Budgeting Tool, Financial and Treasury Management, Revenue Management, Funds, Project and Grants Management, E-Procurement, Debt Management and Projects Monitoring and Evaluation. In addition, IFMS™ ensures increased productivity, while meeting complex regulatory, budgetary, and grant compliance requirements.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Statistical analysis of accurately mapped spatial features, demographic trends, and data about physical objects, allow organisations to make well thought out business decisions. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) result in increased process efficiency by providing powerful ways to capture, store, analyse, and share information across government organisations. Techno Brain has extensive expertise in this area. With deep domain knowledge and understanding of the client’s requirements through a detailed analysis of an organisations’ existing systems and strategic goals, we offer customised GIS solutions. Techno Brain’s GIS solutions range from asset management, revenue management, and land management to utilities, transport management, etc.

Sharepoint Solutions

Technology is changing the way government organisations operate and is opening up new opportunities for them to scale operations. In order to stay competitive, governments across Africa are offering various e-services to transform operations, provide greater access to information and create a real impact for better governance. Techno Brain provides government organisations a set of Sharepoint solutions, which include:

Business Registration System

– Registers new businesses via submission of electronic forms

E-Cabinet System

- Transforms cabinet consultation and decision making

Environment Management Portal

– Enables authorities to carry out all their mandates with ease

Communication Type Approval System

– Complies with all the applicable standards and requirements

National Drug Verification Portal

– Registers and de-registers drugs, manufacturers, suppliers and dealers. Also issues authorisation certificates for import/export

County Solutions

Techno Brain has developed a set of solutions that help County Governments to create new cities at a lesser cost. These solutions aim to help governments imagine new things for their cities, as well as empower people to create safer, healthier, modern, educated and prosperous cities. Techno Brain’s county solutions encompass different sub-solutions which range from project monitoring and evaluation, county planning, cabinet management, financial management, fleet management to monitoring healthcare, ensuring safety, managing land, ensuring revenue growth, managing utilities, and many more. Each of these sub solutions come with a range of benefits that aid government organisations to improve productivity, provide security for citizens, and empower leaders to create a difference in their country.

Tax and Revenue Solutions

With decrease in government revenue, government organisations are facing a challenge of delivering improved constituent services. This problem is especially pertinent amongst tax and revenue authorities since they need to fund other government operations. Market dynamics and fluctuations in the economy have stretched resources and placed increasing demands on revenue authorities to increase their efficiency. Techno Brain provides a fully functional, comprehensive and dedicated suite of solutions for tax, revenue and customs authorities. This suite encompasses a set of tax-related solutions, as well as a set of trade facilitation solutions. With Techno Brain’s solutions, tax and revenue authorities are able to generate revenue, plug leakages, adapt to legislative changes, provide high-quality service delivery, and streamline operations. Techno Brain also provides the flexibility to customise the solution, increase tax collection, and support enforcement of trade facilitation activities.

Revenue Management Solutions

Techno Brain also provides a comprehensive and integrated set of ICT solutions for revenue authorities. Besides helping revenue authorities address their challenges, Techno Brain’s ICT solutions comply with e-government mandates for security and confidentiality. These solutions enable better citizen-centric services. In addition, they provide numerous benefits to government organisations, such as – reducing manual errors while computing taxes, raises alerts on importers/exporters who are trying to evade custom duty, eliminating duplication of licenses, increasing government revenue due, improves account handling, digitization of processes, faster turnaround time, and many more.

Business Registration System

Techno Brain’s Online Business Registration portal is an online platform which enables government organisations to submit documents electronically for the purpose of registering new businesses. The system encompasses four key features – online registration services, basic registration services, information services and reports and dashboards. With Techno Brain’s Business Registration System, government organisations can seamlessly register new businesses, search and reserve names quickly, disclose information as and when required, as well as exchange information with other agencies effortlessly. In addition, government organisations can register their annual returns and amend their previous registrations.

Customer Relationship Management

World-class customer experience is what differentiates organisations from each other. In a competitive economy, using legacy systems often limits the capabilities of organisations. To help bridge the customer relationship gap, Techno Brain provides a complete, all-in-one solution that enables government organisations to deliver an incomparable experience to every customer they serve. With Techno Brain’s ‘CRM One+’, government organisations can enhance and simplify communication with their customers while reducing the need for costly equipment, changes, or updates. CRM One+ is an easy to implement, fully customisable and integrated solutionproviding high up-time, redundancy, scalability, and complete control of all customer relationship management needs. The solution fosters intelligent insights into customer behaviour and delivers the necessary advice and support for a public authority’s work. It empowers government organisations to be constituent-focused and allows authorities to identify and resolve customer issues via multiple channels. Additionally, the solution provides greater access to information held by public authorities, increases accountability by public authorities, and improves communication between public authorities and the citizens.

Electronic Document Management System

Organisations are progressing from traditional methods of using paper for office purposes to using various non-paper storage media. For this purpose, organisations require an effective records management system, capable of addressing both creation control and records retention. To meet the needs of government organisations who extensively use paper for administrative purposes, Techno Brain developed an Electronic Document Management System, which allows compliance for Excel Spreadsheets, Databases, and Files/Documents, in a single system. Besides ensuring seamless access to information, improve knowledge search, and effective management of data, the solution also helps to decrease costs. It can be deployed over wide segments of the government and easily integrated with existing systems.

Enterprise Performance Management System 

Techno Brain’s Enterprise Performance Management System is the next generation of business intelligence. Leveraging our state-of-the-art technology, Techno Brain empowers government organisations to focus on their strategic objectives, and align their decisions with their goals. Our solution helps government organisations transform these goals into actual results. The system provides real-time information, identifies and eliminates problems, manages risk, sets benchmarks, and utilises resources optimally. The solution suite also offers a range of functions to swiftly create and cascade scorecards, performance dashboards, and organisation reports. With Techno Brain’s EPM system, government organisations can integrate their strategy into the planning, budgeting, managing, reviewing, and reporting processes. Furthermore, the system enables organisations to seamlessly comply with various controls and regulations.

Enterprise Resource Planning System 

Leveraging our domain expertise, qualified pool of professionals, experience in 200+ successful project execution, as well as our path-breaking methodologies, we at Techno Brain deliver a portfolio of IT products and a complete suite of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to government organisations. Our comprehensive suite of ERP solutions help government organisations to sustain profitability in a competitive global environment. With Techno Brain’s robust ERP portfolio, organisations can effectively meet their unique requirements and achieve a holistic view of their business. The solution enables effective management of various functional areas, such as - human resources, project management, auditing, accounting, financial, etc. Organisations can easily identity new opportunities and adapt to various challenging environments. Techno Brain partners with leading ERP solution providers to enable better performance, ability to scale operations, reduce costs, and streamline processes. In addition, this partnership delivers various value added services to clients.

IFMS™ for Namibia Tourism Board (NTB)

NTB wanted to implement a Financial Management System that would also integrate a Database System for tourism, an E-Document Management System, Human Resource and Payroll Processing, Customer Relationship Management and a BI system to streamline and optimise their business practices. Techno Brain implemented Microsoft Dynamics which provided NTB with high quality services while increasing efficiency. The system also provided real-time access to information and quick reporting, enabling effective decision making.

Documents Registration System for the City Government of Addis Ababa

The Local Government of the largest city of Ethiopia, had a mission of providing its citizens with the services of registering vital events, such as – births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and providing legal documents or certificates for people. In addition, it wanted to provide resident identification cards to the citizens. To meet these needs, the City Government partnered with Techno Brain, who proposed a web-based Civil Status Documents Registration System (CSDRS), which would be centrally hosted. With a combination of state-of-the-art technology and dedicated expertise, Techno Brain’s solution provided outstanding results at all stages of the project. The system increased customers’ satisfaction, eliminated existing problems, reduced the time required to apply and receive a service, saved costs, and greatly improved the quality of services to the citizens.

Knowledge Management Information System for the Office of the President of South Sudan

Techno Brain implemented a Project Monitoring and Evaluation Solution –MEsure™, which was integrated with SharePoint 2010 & Microsoft Dynamics, to develop a knowledge management system for the Office of the President. The solution facilitated informed decisions on key policy and strategic issues, as well as generated reports to stakeholders on the governments’ performance and achievements of the intended outcomes and objectives. In addition, the solution integrated all budget and financial transactions, and provided comprehensive capabilities that addressed the various challenges that are faced in the monitoring and evaluation of projects.

Ministry of Regional and Local Government – Housing and Rural Development, Namibia

Provided an easy and accurate land records and information management platform for Namibia, through which land information can be easily accessed and prompt payments be made for property taxes and services offered by the local authorities.

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Department of Immigration, Malawi

Security Enhanced and Fraud Eliminated through Biometric based Integrated Border Control System

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Tanzania Airport Authorities, Tanzania

Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA) is a semi-Autonomous Government Executive Agency under the Ministry of Infrastructure Development.

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Department of Immigration, Tanzania

Ministry of Home Affairs of the United Republic of Tanzania based in Dares Salaam comprises of six departments to provide, Police Force, Prisons, Probation & Community, Immigration, Refugee and Fire & Rescue services

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Local Government, Uganda

Increased Visibility and Streamlined Accounting Processes for Government of Uganda through Tier 2 Integrated Financial System

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Road Transport Authority, Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Road Transport Authority (R.T.A.) is a public Authority responsible to the use of any roads within Ethiopia, vehicles using these roads and to all matters relating to Road Transport activities.

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The Uganda Local Government Revenue Management Project is not only one of the most successful projects in Africa, but one of the most successful project in the world, that the World Bank has been involved in.” – ParminderBrar – World Bank Lead Financial Management Specialist, East Africa

Techno Brain successfully implemented Electronic Phytosanitary Certification System at KEPHIS. The system fulfils the requirements of our stakeholders both locally and internationally. Techno Brain is a highly professional partner with a cost-effective solution. They were highly suitable and competent to implement this solution.” – Stephen Ithili– General Manager – Support Services,Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service, Kenya

Techno Brain successfully implemented a Criminal Automated Fingerprint Identification System at the Malawi Police Fingerprint Bureau. The system is an ideal tool for the effectiveness of the Malawi Police Service crime investigations. Techno Brain demonstrated high-level of professionalism and thorough understanding of the requirements which has helped us in achieving all our objectives.” – M. Chiumbuzo, ACP – Officer in charge, Criminal Records and Fingerprints bureau – Malawi Police, Malawi

Techno Brain has successfully implemented an Accounting and Financial Reporting Software for the Microprojects Programme Unit under the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development. The system helped to provide instant up-to-date financial reports to be submitted to the Ministries. It reflects funds received as well as ongoing expenditures. Techno Brain provided us with sufficient knowledge to execute our accounting system.” – Sibusiso T. Mbingo – Coordinator, Ministry of Economic Planning and Development, Swaziland

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