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Civil Registration and Management System

Civil registration systems are established by law to meet the specific needs of Governments and individuals subject to the jurisdiction of the civil registration law. Registration involves recording contents of a document with a registering officer and the preservation of copies of the original text. The paper goes through registration for the conservation of evidence, assurance of title, publicity of materials, and prevention of fraud. Vital records are the recorded events as part of a civil registration system. These include life events like births, deaths, marriages, divorces, adoptions, and other related occurrences, which act as a critical source of vital statistics.


An active Civil Registration System would enable collective, timely, and accurate registration of records. Our Civil Registration System supports the continuous, permanent, compulsory, and universal recording of the occurrence and characteristics of significant life events of the country’s citizens, per its legal requirements.


Source of information includes Civil Registration system, Population Data, Sample Surveys & Administrative Records. Our centralized system streamlines and rationalizes the administrative infrastructure of Governments so that they can enhance the services they give to their citizens.

Our system not only collects information, but also compiles, processes, analyses, evaluates, presents, and disseminates data in a statistical form. The main source of this data comes from the civil registration system, complemented by data from the population census, sample surveys, and administrative records.


Techno Brain also offers biometric-based solutions to provide a secured way of registration. Our system is designed for Civil Registration Authorities, Stamps and Registration Department, and the Economic and Social Planning Department of any Government.

Techno Brain has a dedicated team of experts that understand the civil registration and vital records process. Our centralised system streamlines and rationalises the administrative infrastructure of Governments, so that they can enhance the services they give to their citizens.

Civil Registration system Modules

Document registration module

Uses a biometric interface for webcam and fingerprint capture

Receipt generation module

Generates receipts on completion of registration

Report generation module

Generates daily, monthly, and annual reports

Scanning module

Enables scanning of completely registered documents immediately after registration

Valuation module

Helps in determining the prevailing market price of any immovable property located within the state

Networking module

Helps in secure transmission of data to the central server, registration, and certification of all vital events

Approach in implementing the Civil Registration System

Creating process framework for pre-processing, data entry, and verification

Archiving past data and indexing scanned documents

Implementing quality control for daily operations

Ensuring data audit process for detecting fraudulent practices

System Functionality & Process

Compiles Collected Information

Processes Information


Data Dissemination

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