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Voice Bots

Voice bots are digital voice assistant bots powered with artificial Intelligence and natural language processing.

A complete voice control bot brings out a whole new opportunity for businesses around the world.

Voice technologies enhances its accuracy and services continue to be added every day.

Voice interface bots gives a more engaging experience and human-like responses.

What is a VoiceBot?

A VoiceBot is a human conversation stimulator

Conversation takes place on a general canvas

Conversation is based on language detected when spoken to it

Conversational responses vary according to the user intent

An Emerging Digital World

New User Interface to Accomplish Day to Day Tasks

Talking to bot in your comfortable language

From asking your bot to carry your daily errands to getting through the critical part of the day by reminding you of your spouse birthday

Helping you with the business tasks like setting up a meeting with your client and fetching the related data required for that meeting.

Keeping you in check of the task progress assigned by you to your team mates.

Cloud Orchestrated and Delivered Information and Services

Hyper scale storage, compute, and network connectivity covering global endpoints

Vast data streams & computation resulting in digital intelligence, serving as a new form of energy

Fuel innovations that elevate human/commuting experience to new levels

Propel massive transformations by (re)-writing rules of every segment of the society

Mobile/Wearable Devices, Embedded Sensors/Controllers at the Edge

Always-on/always-present nature profoundly changes human-computing relationship

Mobile experience becomes a way-of-life, an extension of our presence and capabilities

All human activities will be increasingly digitized

All physical structures and processes will increasingly be “digitally

Product Features

Multi-lingual voice bot with natural language processing for more interactive conversations.

Speech to text and text speech interactions

Consultation spaces: for the same question, provide a different answer according to the user profile and user’s intent.

Decision trees: seek clarification with the user in order to refine the answer Personalized responses if connected to user info.

Live chat or video chat escalation on user demand, after XX misunderstood questions, in-satisfaction

Proactive Messages, document attachments and Optical Character Recognition

Response as a voice, image, sidebar with text, video, attachment

Interactive voice response

Integrated Machine learning and Artificial intelligence for smart responses.

Customizable satisfaction survey

Analysis and statistics in the back-end

Plug & play connection to webservices

Multi factor authentication


User Satisfaction

Immediate answers

Available 24/7

Personalized answers

Accurate answers

Customer autonomy

Innovative customer service

Customer Service

Quality and detail of responses

Multi-channel consistency

Relieve congestion in contact centres= more free time for value added questions

Valorisation of advisers

Knowledge centralization

Simplify Employees Life

Enhance productivity and operational effectiveness

Staff retention

Decrease calls and e-mails to support service

Resources reallocation on value added tasks


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