Microsoft Testing Center to offer 1000 high tech jobs to Kenya youth.

Microsoft Testing Center to offer 1000 high tech jobs to Kenya youth.

Africa has risen to the forefront of technological innovation, particularly in regions such as Kenya, where digital transformation, has been driven by innovations that enable adequate access to technology resulting in great benefit for sectors such as education, SME’s, Finance, Agriculture etc.

This introduction to technology has led to the birth of a generation of young people with a passion for technology – looking to it as a vector for problem solving and growth, the result of being able to connect globally.

Microsoft’s recent partnership with Techno Brain Kenya to launch a Sh100million first testing and quality assurance centre, the first, in Nairobi, Kenya and the fourth in the world comes in response to meeting the needs of a growing tech-savvy young generation and enabling job creation and economic growth.

Perhaps what is even more interesting and exciting, is that the opening of the centre effectively positions Kenya as a global leader within the ICT services space – allowing for a stronger drawing power when it comes to investment from other big players within the ITC space.

“The exposure this gives the country and continent is exponential – even more exciting, is the positive impact this looks set to have on socio-economic conditions. With the centre planning to initially employ 100 individuals – there are plans to expand this pool to 1000 before the end of the year,” says xxx at Microsoft. Engineers who work at the centre will gain access and insight into Windows Insider software that is not yet released to market – further to this, the ability to test applications, ensuring that they work flawlessly.

“We have always believed in technology as an enabler of development, and this falls directly in line with our mission of empowering students with the appropriate opportunities, through technology, to achieve more”

The partnership will see the global Windows Development Group (WDG) engineering team from the USA working with Techno Brain engineers to construct and operate a highly specialized and secured test environment in Nairobi.

Speaking at the event – Deputy President William Ruto expressed great confidence in the role the centre will play in facilitating Kenya’s big four agenda. “Besides the fantastic employment opportunities this is going to create – giving young, enthusiastic people an opportunity to learn and grow, the experience gained from this will springboard Kenya’s potential to becoming a producer and exporter of innovation, not just a consumer of technology”.

The job creation possibilities as time goes on, only looks set to increase over time. We are excited for Kenya to blossom into a preferred choice for highly skilled engineering, quality assurance and testing work on the continent.