Techno Brain to Train 7500 Public Servants on IFMIS implementation in Ethiopia

Techno Brain to Train 7500 Public Servants on IFMIS implementation in Ethiopia

Techno Brain has rolled out a 2-year training programme for 7500 trainees across 125 public agencies to equip them with requisite knowledge to carry out their day to day activities of financial reporting through the use of the Integrated Financial Management Information Systems.

The training programme is an essential step by the Ministry of Finance (MOFEC) Ethiopia and Techno Brain partnership to implement one of the largest Financial Management Systems in Africa.

“The principle objective of the IFMIS project is to standardize financial management business process, strengthening and improving financial control and reporting across all public bodies to empower them to develop better macro-economic and fiscal policies. This will in effect improve levels of transparency, accountability and improved service delivery to the citizens of Ethiopia.”, said Mr. Manoj Shanker, CEO Techno Brain Group
Speaking during the training, Mr. Mekonnen Tesfaye, Country Director added,

“This programme is critical in expediting government operations and the first step is enabling end-users to adopt the automated financial management systems.”
Techno Brain has designed the implementation of the project in such a way that the members are fully engaged in the project activities such as conducting independent rollout activities with the necessary support by Techno Brain experts.

About the Project

The Ministry of Finance (MOFEC) Ethiopia has partnered with Techno Brain to implement a Financial Management Systems which is one of the largest in Africa. The project currently being deployed by over 40 local staff is built to overhaul the system of funding of the developmental projects in the Ethiopia.